Been a little flaky the last few days

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with matched betting, I’ve completed the signup bunos on two bookmakers right now I’m waiting for the withdrawal to complete before I start with the next one.

The reason I’m mostly doing matched betting is that I’m waiting for BetTrader Evolution to be released. I’ve done some tennis trading the last few days, it went well for a while with a technique I thought of myself. I was dkk 4000 in profit on a match, but because I know absolutely nothing about tennis the matched ended before I could hedge. Imagine how it feels, not to lose dkk 4000 but to know you could have had dkk 4000 if you had just pressed the hedge button.

All these things have made me even more determined to succeed at prerace horseracing because I think every race is more or less the same, the same factors make the market move etc.

I may look at other markets until BTE is released, but I’ll most likely do some more matched betting.


2 Responses to “Been a little flaky the last few days”

  1. Bill Gates Says:

    Plenty of other great bits of software out there why wait for just one when others already have more features than BTE?

    • youngtrader Says:

      I’m waiting because I still have a long list of bookies I can scalp bonuses from, and because I’m still analysing the data I’ve collected from the prerace markets. But I’m still trading with BetTrader Pro a few days a week

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