Feeling like I’m getting somewhere

I’ve started to see patterns in the markets, and I feel like I have better understanding of the markets. I’m doing a rather intense research of the data I’ve collected, and it is really paying off. I usually trade a little after I’ve studied a while, so I get to use the knowledge I’ve aquired from the data.

Since I have a somewhat better understanding of the markets now I see myself switching from only scalping to swing trading. If you have a good idea of what’s going to happen you might as well swing trade as it will give the best profit.

I broke my personal record today, on one race I got a profit of 20.3% of my stake. I’m happy with a profit of 10-20% of my stake per race so now I have to focus on being consistent with those kind of figures.

Funny enough, when I traded today focusing on swing trades I’ve had fewer and smaller losses on the losing races, so I’m certain this new turn of events is the right way to go.


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