Great day in profit

Today I traded a few races, and today I was really careful about not to enter the market when I wasn’t sure about the movement.

I only had one losing race, it could have been a winning race it was a question about hedging one tick lower, if I had BTE it would have been a small profit.

I’m starting to see that all important consistency. It’s nice to see all your hard work is paying off, and it’s not just time wasted looking over week old markets. I’m so thorough with my analysis I can only study 2-3 markets/day so I’m glad it’s not time wasted.

I’ve decided to try and trade a little each day, like 5-10 races. Don’t mind the total P/L for today it’s just a matched bet.

pl 7 sep


One Response to “Great day in profit”

  1. boyzstuff Says:

    I’m glad that you are going up. Just ended to read all of your posts in this blog. I’m playing in this thing too, but I have not that serious approach to that. That is reason why I still can’t understand haw to trade with bets.

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