Closer than ever

Today was a great day for me. I have been worrying about being ready to go fulltime for a while. Even though I have 4-6 months to get into trading I have been thinking “what if I really can’t do this?”. After today I really think I can, it’s my first time in over 6 months I traded all the meetings and I ended up with a nice profit. As it is now I’m confident that I can just jump right into the markets with big stakes and come out on the other side with a profit – but I won’t.

I’ve decided to increase my stakes with my profit. Today I used stakes of dkk30 and got a profit of dkk22.57 that means I’ll use dkk52.57 stakes the next time I trade. I only traded before the off today, didn’t do any long term swing trading, I’m still not done crunching the data yet. I’ll still look at it as an oppotunity to increase my profit though.

My plan now is to trade as much as I can to improve it and hopefully put some money aside before I finish college. I’m confident that I can improve enough to save atleast dkk20.000 before I finish college.

My P&L for today

also, here’s a pic from the most profitable race I did


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