The results are in

I think I’ve found the right signals to be able to do some long term swing trading. I was too lazy to go over all the data I collected because my prerace scalping has been more succesful than I expected. I tried to find the right signals after I crunched the numbers from one meeting, and if I entered the trades where the right signals were present I would have made dkk44.58 with dkk30 stakes.

I’m going to try some real trading tomorrow, I’m really excited about it, I’m confident that it will work – it will be a nice boost to my profit if it does.


2 Responses to “The results are in”

  1. omar Says:

    hi mate, i like the way your taking this pre-race trading on. I’m on a simila situation like you. In two years i’ll start to study and till then i want to be as good as i can then.But you are far ahead. Could you tell me how you colekted the data (not the video matirial). Thanks and sorry for my spelling. my german is better:)

    • youngtrader Says:

      The data I collect is a mix of, video, pictures and just notes.. when you study collected data it’s important you organize it then it’s easier to find heads and tails of it all

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