Good results and bad results

I want to keep my swing trading and scalping seperate, but I don’t want to open another betfair account just yet, so I just wrote down what my p&l was from swing trading and it looks good. I was only able to swing trade 4 races because of school. I got a big profit of dkk12.53 with a stake of dkk30 on one race and got a couple of losses on the others with one scratch trade.

Here’s the big swing I caught

all in all my profit from swing trading today is dkk4.32 with a stake of dkk30. I looked at some data and found that I could have turned the losses into small wins if I had entered the market later than I did. I will try again tomorrow and see how it goes.

My scalping has been way off today. When I traded I got really angry at myself because I didn’t scratch or take a small loss when the market went against me. I really have to work on that, if I had just taken the small losses I would have had a nice profit today. also I was dkk10 green on one race but then they pulled the horse I traded on leaving me with only dkk0.69 if I had got that profit I would have a very small profit now, but you can’t dwell on stuff like that.

Since I was dkk9 down today I’ll be using dkk70 stakes tomorrow, I really like my staking system, it allows me to take it slow and still improve. I don’t know if I was just off today but the markets seemed more unpredictable than Saturday and Sunday.

my P&L for today

ps. I’m really not proud of today’s results, it calms me down that I know what I did wrong, that allows me to improve on it. Now I just have to kick myself every time I don’t scratch a trade.


2 Responses to “Good results and bad results”

  1. SherlockJones Says:

    What are the hidden losses on 🙂

    • youngtrader Says:

      they are not losses they are profits but they are not relevant right now as this is a blog for horse race trading

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