Right now I feel restless.. I want to trade and research my ideas all the time, but the problem is I get home from school just in time to catch the last 2 races on the card. That is getting me a little worried because I want be, and feel, ready for when I graduate to trade fulltime. I want to have my strategies all figured out and have a daily routine so I “hit the ground running”.

I took my own advice and simplified my already simplified strategy, or I tested if a simiplified version would work. the problem when I get new strategies is that the data I already have is no good because I focused on another strategy when I collected it. I found videos of a thursday and two saturdays on my harddrive today to test my new idea and it looks promising.

none of the days ended in a loss, only one of them ended in a small profit the rest ended with a nice profit and the average per day over the 3 days was over dkk100 with a stake of dkk100. that is good enough for me.

I don’t really worry about the size of the profit I may gain from my strategies, the only thinng I really want them to be is consistent and then I can adjust my stakes to fit a profit target.

I’ll keep working with my new strategy and hopefully start trading with it soon so I can calm myself down and not worry too much.


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