Random thoughts

I wanted to write some stuff about life and family relationships but I’m not ready to turn this blog into an emo-whine-rant blog just yet. I may, however, write some of my thoughts on these topics later, when I want to update my blog but don’t have anything trading related to say.

The reason I’m telling you this is that I’ve been thinking alot lately (I think too much sometimes) about parents. About how they sometimes don’t accept their kids’ choices in life. and when the kids try to reason with their parents with sounds arguments they won’t listen or tell them they are wrong. it seems sometimes parents think they are allknowing and can decide everything in their kids’ life. I’m not only talking about career choices here, I’m mainly talking about something else which I won’t go into detail with yet. but the scenario can be fitted to alot of situations.

Today was satisfying for me and a personal victory. I got home from school in time to trade the last 4 races, and a profit of over dkk10 with a stake of dkk30 gave me a nice confidence boost. It was only after I finished trading that I found out there had been some problems with the api today. I did notice the markets where different but I kept trading because I want as much experience as I can get.

my p&l for monday


2 Responses to “Random thoughts”

  1. Anon Says:

    I recently had the same problem as you with parents and going full time. For them, they were worried what would happen to me socially. They knew i could make the money, but they always expected me to be a ‘normal’ person with a ‘normal’ job. In a way, they are right. Don’t get me wrong i love what i do but i get up, trade, and go back to bed. I feel like miss Havasham, i rarely see anyone all day. I’m actually thinking of going to an exchange shop and pay £30 a day just to be around other people 😮

    I enjoy your blog, and good luck with the future. Maybe we could contact each other by email, seeing as though we are both youngtraders 😉

    Best of luck mate

    • youngtrader Says:

      thanks mate. I don’t know if it’s the social side or the money side that’s the problem, maybe it’s both. but I’m going fulltime when I graduate! I’d just have to speed up the learning process and start making some money.

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